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AmeriPlan® IBO Start-Up Cost 

The AmeriPlan® start-up cost is designed so anyone can afford to join.  By joining from this website, you can expect to get step by step guidance in starting your AmeriPlan® business and finding your marketing niche.

Marketing costs will vary from person to person. If you already have contacts then there is no additional cost, but most serious entreprenuers will invest in their business by purchasing opportunity seeker leads.  You will also have free access to our training websites that feature over 24 (paid and free) methods of marketing.

To become "commission qualified" as an AmeriPlan® rep, it is highly recommended that you purchase the Lifestyle membership. 

Remember, as you experience the savings, you will develop a great testimony to share with others who, in turn, will naturally want what you are offering. Remember: Facts tell, but stories sell.

Select the $49.95 or $99.95 Lifestyle Program:

$49.95/mo. Stair Step = 30% commission (Commission Comparison)
$99.95/mo. Full Price = 35% commission

See Video Presentation for details on the benefits of the Lifestyle program here => AmeriPlan® Lifestyle

$25 (Annual Fee) - IBO

Package includes:
=> Initial Annual dues of $25
=> 24/7 genealogy access and online support
=> Three e-commerce enabled websites
     - Two for signing up members
     - One for signing up IBOs.

Kit contents change from time to time, but the latest list includes the following:

  • (1) Welcome Letter 
  • (3) Platinum Series brochures 
  • (1) Sales Aid Order Form (with return envelope) 
  • (5) Opportunity brochures 
  • (5) ID SecureNet Plus brochures 
  • (5) Dental Plus brochures 
  • (5) Total Health brochures 
  • (3) New IBO Benefits Agreements 
  • (1) IBO Policy and Procedures Manual 

Get more information by viewing the AmeriPlan® Opportunity Webinar or...

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What is the value of paying the annual IBO fee and buying a Platinum Series membership?

We get a LOT of value with AmeriPlan. Here's some of the things that we enjoy...

  1. Three e-commerce web sites - This enables us to build the business nationwide 24/7. Hosting, web design and all updates are included. 
  2. Unlimited number of advance commission checks - These are cut 5 days per week (Mon - Fri). No additional administrative fees are deducted per check. No postage is charged to you either. 
  3. Unlimited 800# toll-free customer service - Available for all your members to get all their questions answered. You couldn't hire one competent person for one day for $25, but with AmeriPlan you have toll-free customer service for all your clients. So when you're in the Bahamas, your client can still get their questions answered. 
  4. Full administrative support - AmeriPlan® employees serving and supporting you at the Corporate Headquarters to handle all membership cards, membership directories, postage and handling, etc. 
  5. Vested for life contract - Given to every RSD businss owner granting true vested-ownership in this business. It is Willable & Sellable. You become a business partner with our company. 
  6. PLUS, depending on which Lifestyle membership you choose, you will make 30% or 35% with double commission your first month and the 30% or 35% residual income the second month a beyond. AmeriPlan also pays double commission the first month for each new member. 
  7. PLUS you can make 15%-34% residual overrides on all the monthly fees paid by IBOs and members ($99.95/mo., $49.95/mo., $19.95/mo., etc.) deep down through your Sales Groups. 
  8. PLUS additional IBO benefits - at no additional charge. 

Here is the easiest way to get started:

Sign-up here => AmeriPlan Business Start-up

If you're unsure, view our AmeriPlan® Video Presentation on the power of Residual Income and revisit the American dream today! It happened for me and it can happen for you - with our training and support system. 

Get Started For Just $25 + Your Lifestyle Selection.  Become an AmeriPlan® Independent Business Owner (IBO) Today!

By the way, I make more money working from home with AmeriPlan® than I ever made from any previous job (including real estate appraiser, teacher and state employee) and it's RESIDUAL income plus BONUSES.

I look forward to helping you get started as a new IBO. As the person that will help train you, I am very committed to helping you succeed in your new home-based business. I believe you're going to LOVE it.
Yours to count on,

Brian Wright
National Vice President
Founder's Ring Club Member 


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AmeriPlan Business Opportunity





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SUCCESS TRAINING and SUPPORT:  Join AmeriPlan here and get the training you need in order to achieve success!  After you join, I will call you and send you an e-mail introducing you to our training website and helpful conference calls. 

I'm committed to helping you succeed!  Your success is my success.

In an uncertain economy with high unemployment, now is the time to build a second income.  Join our AmeriPlan Business today.  

Don't delay!  Start today and build a residual income as you work from home. 

Common Questions and Misconceptions:

"I've failed at other opportunities.  How can I be sure that I will achieve Success in AmeriPlan?"

"Can I really make more money than my
AmeriPlan Sponsor?"

"This sounds too good to be true.  Can I really save money and 
Make Money with AmeriPlan?"