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Insurance Brokers Choose AmeriPlan

Helping People Find Affordable Health Care

Insurance brokers have discovered that AmeriPlan® and it's dental insurance alternative effectively meets their client's demand for affordable dental care.  AmeriPlan® is the industry leader with the largest proprietary network of dentists in the country.  Every insurance broker's business is enhanced when there are more choices, especially in the ever changing health care industry. Imagine being able to... Present to your clients dental care that really helps them and pays you 30% residual income on every member each and every month! Share a valuable service that has no insurance limits and maximizes protection for every household. Provide discount health care (including medical) that meet the needs of the uninsurable by giving them a solution for health insurance declines due to pre- existing conditions. Override your competition through a pay plan that will multiply your business income. Offering discount fee for service program will fill the eligibility gaps in your business and greatly help people lower the cost of their health care expenses.  We have a successful insurance broker ready to assist you. Here's what you can expect as an insurance broker with AmeriPlan®... FREEDOM OF CHOICE - The AmeriPlan® opportunity will enable you to earn additional income - even a full-time income that will increase your overall income. By overriding your competition, you will have more freedom than you ever dreamed. Our top associate makes over one million dollars a year in residual income! FULFILLMENT BY HELPING OTHERS - Being an AmeriPlan® business owner gives you the opportunity to provide a valuable service to your clients. With the increasing cost of health care, nearly EVERYONE is looking for a way to save money! By offering the AmeriPlan® membership with medical, dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic care, you'll not only build a lucrative business for yourself, but you'll help people save money on many needed services as well! FINANCIAL SECURITY - As long as members stay on the service you get paid month after month! All we do is refer people to AmeriPlan®, sign them up one-time and we get paid residually every month they stay with AmeriPlan®. Our company has a strong retention rate of those who use our services. And, just as it is true with its members, it is also true with its representatives: AmeriPlan® delivers on the promise! Join our team of insurance brokers and get extra tools to help guarantee your success: Free Web Sites Free Business Card Templates Free Business Phone Number Free Classified Ads and Flyers Free Telephone Scripts Free Training Web Site Free Follow-up Emails Several Weekly Conference Calls And MUCH MORE!!! One insurance broker writes:

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Not only will you enjoy working with a successful insurance broker as your mentor and trainer, you'll also have the confidence of knowing that you are with one of the fastest growing teams in the company. We know what it takes to be successful and we're here to support you all the way! You're welcome to get more information by viewing our video presentation of the AmeriPlan Compensation Plan or...
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"The day we found AmeriPlan® we truly started helping our clients with their dental needs. Prior to AmeriPlan® we could not sell dental coverage to our clients. Oh, they wanted dental, but you know, when they found out the cost and long waiting period they decided against the coverage. Most people that have dental insurance are lucky to have group coverage where the employer pays most of the monthly cost. AmeriPlan® helps when our clients do not have group coverage. We know employers are no longer offering as many benefits and some are completely eliminating the dental coverage. One of our groups dropped their group insurance dental plan and went with AmeriPlan Dental® - saving over $6,000 and this was on a very small group. AmeriPlan® gives immediate coverage, plus it includes all on-going dental problems and it's affordable. As an insurance broker, it's a no brainier when we can offer dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic coverage for less than $20 for an entire household. As agents we all work on commission and with AmeriPlan® we were delighted with 30% level commissions, 33% in management overrides, and no underwriting. Why would you not include AmeriPlan® and help more people benefit from this great product? Did you know you also receive AmeriPlan Dental® when you sign up to market AmeriPlan®? These services have saved our household $830 on one visit to our dentist and $135 on one visit to our vision center. Another member of our family is having extended work completed - this savings is over $2,000 this year. It a no brainer!!!!! Join me and help your clients start saving today. Your clients will thank you and you will have another stream of income. We did and you can too. Yes, it is a no brainer." - Vernette L., Phoenix, AZ