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AmeriPlan Reps Gain Unlimited Income!
AmeriPlan® reps are needed like never before to meet the growing demand for affordable health care in America!  Yes, the AmeriPlan® opportunity is growing!  With the uncertainty of the economy, people are looking for a financial back-up plan and our company is here to provide a valuable service to our customers and real residual income to our sales reps. My name is Brian Wright, National Vice President, with AmeriPlan® and I am pleased to report that AmeriPlan® is the best business decision I ever made.  Plus, I'm thrilled with the opportunity to help others gain financial freedom too.  If you're like me, you may have tried several home business opportunities.

Before I Became An AmeriPlan Rep

Before becoming an AmeriPlan® rep, I lost track of all the home businesses that I started.  The prior business opportunities I joined included diet pills, vitamins, long distance, legal insurance, etc.  Finally, I realized that success would require greater consistency on my part and a clear business plan with training that I could rely upon. 

Success As An AmeriPlan Rep

As I committed myself to consistently doing something to build my business each day, my AmeriPlan® business became more and more profitable!  In fact, my AmeriPlan® income eventually replaced all my previous COMBINED monthly income from former employment as a public school teacher, real estate appraiser and state employee. Now that I know what it takes to achieve success... it's my goal to help new AmeriPlan® reps on my team implement the right methods of marketing that will bring them success too.  With over so many methods of marketing listed in our training web site, new AmeriPlan® reps are encouraged to use 3 to 5 consistently. If you join here, it will be my honor to mentor you as you develop your AmeriPlan® business.  You will also gain access to our AmeriPlan® training website and conference calls. We emphasize personal development by listening to at least two conference calls a week, especially in the beginning.  Top AmeriPlan® reps on my team attend special seminars, read business related books and constantly explore new marketing possibilities in order to expand their business. Commitment levels vary from part-time to full-time.  Most AmeriPlan® reps start on a very part-time basis.  As their income grows, they eventually are able to leave their jobs and grow their AmeriPlan® business full-time. For more details about becoming an AmeriPlan® rep and what it costs to get started, click here => AmeriPlan® IBO Start-up Costs. Yours to count on, Brian Wright National Vice President Founder’s Club Ring Member 760-989-2198
Success Training & Support

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In an uncertain economy with high

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