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AmeriPlan Residual Income Programs for Affiliates and Businesses
Residual income programs have been a huge success for AmeriPlan since its beginning in 1992.  Growing in size and reach, the company has made additional discount benefits available to its customers, effectively moving toward their goal of... "saving America, one household at a time." Below is a list of residual income programs in AmeriPlan® that are available to you and your customers: AmeriPlan Dental Plus $24.95 per month for the household The AmeriPlan Dental Plus program gives you immedidate savings on Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic services. AmeriPlan Med Plus $24.95 per month for the household AmeriPlan Med Plus includes the AmeriDoc doctor on call by telephone services and a robust hospital discount program. You’re welcome to get more information about residual income and the AmeriPlan Opportunity or… Take a look at the benefits of Residual Income Programs and how it can impact your life. The American dream is about freedom without the limitations of a job! It happened to these people and it can happen for you - with our training and support system Get Started For Just $24.95 + Your Membership Plan. Become an AmeriPlan Independent Business Owner (IBO) Today!
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