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Residual Income Plus Daily Paychecks and Bonuses

Explore the Winning Compensation Plan of AmeriPlan

Residual income is why so many people are looking at the AmeriPlan® compensation plan For over 25 years now AmeriPlan® has paid residual income to its independent business owners.  Plus, many don't realize that AmeriPlan® also pays daily paychecks for every piece of business that you produce. Starting out, I didn't realize how much this residual  income could grow by consistently doing something each day to build my business.  If only I had known when I began, that my income would eventually soar much higher than my previous career jobs as a real estate appraiser, public school teacher and state employee combined.  The small start-up cost seemed like a risk at first, but the reward of being persistent has been huge!  When I became a six figure income earner with AmeriPlan® it felt like I was dreaming, but the checks made it clear that success and the American Dream was the new reality!  Is it any wonder why I'm thrilled to be able to share this opportunity with others? While some are looking for a job in this troubled economy, you can build the life of your dreams and eventually become "job free" with residual income.

What is Residual Income?

In our business, residual income is generated from all the dental plans, health programs, etc. that we sell and as long as that business stays on the books, we receive a monthly residual income check. I have residual income coming from business that I did years ago. There is no limit to the AmeriPlan compensation plan. Whether you’re looking for an extra $300 a month or $30,000 a month, if you’re willing to work, the opportunity is here!

How is the Residual Income Paid?

Month after month I receive residual income through direct deposit. Starting out, I was paid by check and then when I became a Senior Regional Sales Director I was given the direct deposit option. As a National Vice President I still use the direct deposit.

Does AmeriPlan Really Pay Residual Income Every Month?

You bet it does!  I have been with AmeriPlan® for over 18 years now and they have paid me accurately and faithfully every single month.  They even have a slogan, Delivering On The Promise®, and I can affirm that, in my experience, AmeriPlan® has definitely delivered.

Does AmeriPlan Really Pay Residual Income Every Month?

No, they also pay daily for new business that you add to the books!  I usually get several paychecks a week.  Then the residual income follows and is added to my monthly income. You're welcome to get more information by viewing our video presentation of the AmeriPlan Compensation Plan or...
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AmeriPlan Business Opportunity

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Start for $24.95 (annual fee) and don’t forget to select a membership plan so you will qualify for commission!  I look forward to helping you get started as a new rep. As the person that will help train you, I am very committed to helping you build your residual income. I believe you’re going to LOVE this business and the AmeriPlan compensation plan. Yours to count on,   Brian Wright National Vice President Founder's Ring Club Member 760-989-2198  
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