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Work At Home Moms Choose AmeriPlan

We Succeed By Helping Others!

As a work at home mom with AmeriPlan® you will be able to work from home around your schedule on a part-time or full-time basis.  Your children can once again be first in your life!  You can get paid daily as you share a valuable service that will help people lower the cost of their health care expenses.  If you truly desire to work from home, we have a successful mom ready to train you.

Here's what you can expect as a work at home mom with AmeriPlan®...

FREEDOM OF CHOICE - The AmeriPlan® business opportunity will enable you to earn additional income - even a full-time income that allows you to work from home. AmeriPlan® gives you the freedom to go to your child's school play in the middle of the day. Eventually, you will be able to go to the mountains or the beach for a couple of days without asking your boss for permission. This lifestyle freedom can be yours as you seek to help others save money on health care. FULFILLMENT BY HELPING OTHERS - Being an AmeriPlan® associate gives you the opportunity to provide a valuable service to your contacts. With the increasing cost of health care, nearly EVERYONE is looking for a way to save money! By offering the AmeriPlan® membership with medical, dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic care, you'll not only build a lucrative business for yourself, but you'll help people save money on many needed services as well! FINANCIAL SECURITY - As long as members stay active you get paid month after month! We have NO products to buy, stock, retail or inventory. We also have NO required meetings! All we do is refer people to AmeriPlan®, sign them up one-time and we get paid residually every month they stay with AmeriPlan®. Our company has a strong retention rate of those who use our service. And, just as it is true with its members, it is also true with its associates: Ameriplan® delivers on the promise!

Join our team of moms and get extra tools to help guarantee your success:

Free Web Sites - Free Business Card Templates - Free Business Phone Number - Free Classified Ads and Flyers - Free Telephone Scripts - Free Training Web Site - Free Follow-up Emails - Several Weekly Conference Calls - And MUCH MORE!!!

Work at home moms are excited:

Now it's your choice!  Are you ready to enjoy being a full-time mom while

you help others find affordable health care?

Not only will you enjoy working with a successful insurance broker as your mentor and trainer, you'll also have the confidence of knowing that you are with one of the fastest growing teams in the company. We know what it takes to be successful and we're here to support you all the way! You're welcome to get more information by viewing our video presentation of the AmeriPlan Compensation Plan or...
Success Training & Support

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I'm committed to helping you succeed! 

Your success is my success.

In an uncertain economy with high

unemployment, now is the time to build

a second income.  Join our AmeriPlan

business today. 

Start today and build a residual income as

you work from home.

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Common Questions & Misconceptions:

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be sure that I will achieve Success in


"Can I really make more money than my

AmeriPlan Sponsor?"

"This sounds too good to be true.  Can I

really save money and Make Money with


AmeriPlan Business Opportunity
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"I love this business because I believe so strongly in what we do. What a blessing for me to be even a small part of the solution to a problem that prevents Americans from obtaining the health care they need and deserve. This is the only work from home opportunity that I found where I am actually making money, and helping others in very real ways at the same time! I have a particular love of showing other moms, like myself, how to do what they truly desire - to work from home!" - Bev Brett, Boise, Idaho                                                ------------------------------------------- "I ran a price comparison for my father-in-law for his nebulizer treatment. He currently doesn't have prescription coverage and pays over $300 for a box of this medication! In that one box he has enough treatments to last him 2 weeks... so he pays over $600 a month for his nebs! We did a price comparison on Medco (through AmeriPlan®) and found out that for a complete ONE month supply of his medication he would save $300!! And by ordering a 90 day supply he will be able to save an additional $60! Just thought I would pass this along! What a truly wonderful business we have to offer!" - Sheree Hollandsworth, Missouri